TNT at School

TNT offers its services to local public school districts. Our focus is to serve the district wherever they may see a need for extra help or support. This could be chaperoning lunch rooms, hallways, or field trips. It could also mean mentoring certain students that school staff feel would benefit from more one on one attention and encouragement. There are even times where TNT has been asked to speak at assemblies or in classroom settings. When there is a crisis situation, such as a student tragedy, TNT is called in to offer emotional support. All in all, the public schools value TNT as they provide the presence of another positive and caring adult role model. With that said, TNT Youth Ministry does understand church and state laws, thus we are careful not to proselytize. We are, however, allowed to facilitate a before school Bible study in the schools. Overall, TNT’s heart is to be Jesus wherever we go. So whether we are leading a Bible study, mentoring a student, or chaperoning a dance we do it all for the glory of God.

What Does TNT Do at School?

  • Volunteer for lunches, field trips, hallway monitoring, and be available in times of crisis
  • Organize and facilitate Bible studies before school starts in the morning
  • Be involved with the Student Assistance Program by being case mentors (all TNT staff would be SAP trained)
  • Volunteer to help teachers with any extra work and or projects that they may need help with
  • Help with positive programs such as, “Every 15 Minutes”, “Kick Butts Day”, “Red Ribbon Week”, and “THON”


  • TNT’s goal is to be servants for the school district, with no strings attached. With such a growing need surrounding teenagers today, we believe it is time to join together in helping them achieve their dreams and goals.
  • To provide  positive adult role models on campus, and give students the help, and encouragement they may need through difficult and trying situations.

School Bible Study Schedule

Ephrata School District:

High School – 7-7:20 am
Clay Elementary – 8:20-8:40 am

Middle School -7-7:20 am
Intermediate School – 8-8:20 am

High School – 7-7:20 am
Fulton Elem. – 8:20-8:40 am

Highland Elem-8:20-8:40 am

High School – 7-7:20 am
Akron Elem. – 8:20-8:40 am

Warwick School District:

High School – 7:20 am

Middle School – 7:20 am

Contact the TNT office for more information 717-381-1688 or


Elementary School Bible Study Parent Permission Forms